About Us

With over two decades of industry expertise in the field, especially globally, our key values are mutual respect and open discussion with all of our clients and partners (Western Europe, The United States, And Australia).

Information about the company

LeNik is a London-based internet market research firm with offices in London and Targu-Mures. The organization is run by a young and energetic team with prior promotion and web marketing experience.

Our developers, web designers, and managers are committed to delivering high-quality services and outcomes to you. We’ve worked with companies all over the world and will continue to do so in the future, providing them with high-quality services.

We’ve developed the flexibility and adaptability that allows us to successfully take on any new challenge thanks to our two decades of e-commerce experience. Given the various changes in this ever-changing and expanding business, we’ve developed the flexibility and adaptability that allows us to successfully take on any new challenge.

We seek long-term solutions in all of our work, and our favourite customers are those that are looking for long-term growth from a solid foundation that is well-constructed and secure, a foundation that may increase in value over time. We’ll be the first to acknowledge that we’re not the company for you if you’re searching for “quick fixes” or “get rich quick” schemes. We want to help you become the best on the market by bringing you success and a consistent stream of earnings.

We understand the importance of a long-term relationship, therefore we guarantee the highest level of customer service and are dedicated to meeting the deadlines, conditions, and objectives set forth for each project.

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Our working technique is as follows

Our working technique is as follows

The First Contact

We’ll review your request and get back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

Planning and deliberation

You’ll get access to your own project portal, where you and your team can keep track of our progress. Here, we can speak more rapidly and plainly.


We’ll start by making changes to a development version of your site if you have a request that might have a big impact on your business. The complexity of your query determines the predicted working time.


Before releasing the update, we’ll test the new features extensively on the development site to ensure that all issues have been addressed.


We double-check everything once we’ve done the testing step to ensure it’s operating properly. After that, the update is deployed to the live site.