Prestashop Services

eCommerce Services

Aside from providing updates and optimisations, our company’s team of skilled programmers play an important role in the functionality of your site. Nowadays, modern sites require a wide array of functional elements in order to be successful in the larger world of web stores, and without a dedicated team of experts on your side, it’s easy to fall behind in this fast-paced industry. Lenik is on your side.

Take advantage of our experience; don’t limit your requests to simple things like bug fixes, upgrades, or front-end changes—anything that can be done inside PrestaShop is our purview, and no request is too big. We’ll always look for the best long-term, direct, and economical solutions, and even if you’re unsure how to move forward with a specific issue, our team is full of practical ideas.

Professional Services for Your Online Business

HTTPS Activation – SSL Certificate Installation

Protect your customers’ data and secure your online store!

Product Import Service

Instantly import thousands of products into your store’s inventory.

Move Your PrestaShop Site to Another Server

Tired of all those performance issues plaguing your site? Move to a new server

Password Recovery Ticket

We provide a safe, fast, and highly secure method for password recovery. Never be locked out again!