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Our highly dedicated team of 10 PrestaShop experts have vast experience in all things PrestaShop. With our proven project process, we can have your project completed in as little as ten business days. You’ll have your project portal (WHMCS), so you and your team can watch our process and can communicate easily with our team. We’ll provide a quote for the completed project so you’ll know exactly how it fits into your budget.

When we say “upgrade,” we’re talking the whole enchilada. Not only will your shop have the latest PrestaShop version 1.7 admin and front-end features—more importantly, it will include all the data that it held before, including products, customers, and orders. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got version 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, or 1.6—we’re one of the few companies who can upgrade you to PrestaSHop 1.7 successfully.

Why choose Lenik for your PrestaShop Upgrade?

Why choose Lenik for your PrestaShop Upgrade?

  • You need it now.
  • You need it fast.
  • You need it done the right way, the first time.
  • You’ve got better things to do than supervise a team of novices.
  • You need the assurance of a trustworthy, proven team.
  • You want it risk-free, no strings attached.
  • You need a guarantee that it’ll work.
  • You want the best—and you won’t settle for mediocrity.

Our Infallible Methodology

Our Infallible Methodology


A full backup of your store will be uploaded to our dev servers. This is the basis upon which the PrestaShop upgrade will be carried out. 


All data will be maintained and stored. This includes products, customers, and order information. In the meantime, your store will operate uninterrupted.

Upgrade to 1.7.8

Your store, on our dev servers, will be updated to the latest PrestaShop version and a basic setup will be applied.

New Theme

A professional, responsive theme of your choosing will be installed on the upgraded store. We’ll customise it to your taste.

Testing & Fixes

The new website will be thoroughly and rigorously tested to ensure full functionality. All necessary fixes will be applied at this stage to secure a smooth transition to the new environment.


Once you’re satisfied with our work, we’ll make the updated site live with zero downtime.

Upgrade your PrestaShop to version 1.7 with Lenik!
We’ll build it better!

The Upgrade To 1.7.X

The Upgrade To 1.7.X

Throughout the entire process, you’ll be able to see the progress being made on the new version before launch. Our entire team is at your disposal so, using our ticketing platform, you can get in touch with us and discuss every step of the upgrade process to ensure that the new site turns out as you (and your customers) expect.

All the information in your store will be maintained through the upgrade. This way, your customers can continue using their accounts and will have access to their entire order history. At the same time, your CMS content, along with the descriptions of your products and categories, will remain unchanged. Your link structure—a very important piece—will also remain unchanged after the upgrade. Your Google search results, too, will be unaffected, and we’ll be sure to avoid any 404 errors which would negatively impact your site rankings.

A theme of your choice will also be installed as part of the upgrading. We recommend using the basic PrestaShop theme, which we can customize to meet your specific requirements. The speed of your site will significantly improve if you use this theme . We can also use a third party theme as a starting point if you want us to recreate the design of the current site.

Backup, Testing, and Programming Processes

Backup, Testing, and Programming Processes

  • Complete backup of your store. All data will be retained.
  • Duplication of the store to our development servers. We’ll create this duplicate ensuring that the work-in-progress version of the site isn’t accessible by search engines and won’t cause duplicate content issues. The upgrade, theme configuration, and setup will be implemented in this version so that the live site can continue operating uninterrupted while we work.
  • Moving the upgraded site to your server before launch, with careful supervision to avoid errors and downtime.> Depending on the type of access we’re granted, the performance of your server, and the number of files, copying can take several hours. Regardless, this process will be consistently monitored, and you’ll receive updates from us regarding estimated time to completion.
  • Transfer of new clients, orders, and products. Since the moment your store was duplicated, you’ve undoubtedly gotten new customers, orders, and maybe even new products. Before we make the new site live, we’ll transfer over all of this data to ensure nothing is lost. At the same time, we’ll update information on existing products and categories, so any changes to price or stock will be reflected on the new site.
  • Test, test, test. Included here are several tests between and during every step of the way. These will be done on the test server and also on your server just prior to launch. We’ll ensure no live hiccups.

Theme Configuration

Theme Configuration

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