Navigating the New Data Landscape: A Guide to Google Consent Mode v2 for Webshop Owners


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The European Economic Area (EEA) is bracing for a significant shift on March 6th, 2024, with the arrival of Google Consent Mode v2. This isn’t just a regulatory update; it’s a fundamental change in how webshops operating in the EEA collect and manage user data. Ignoring this change isn’t an option if you want to have information about your users.

Ignoring Consent Mode v2 could leave your webshop stranded, unable to gather crucial information about your customers. You could lose up to 60% of your data, which means a significant loss of insights into user behaviour and preferences. Inaccurate targeting and ineffective ads could then send your bottom line crashing.

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Introducing Your Ally: Google Consent Mode v2

This innovative tool helps you align your Google tags with user consent for ads and analytics cookies, ensuring compliance with strict EU privacy regulations like GDPR and DMA. It goes beyond compliance, though, by protecting user data while enabling effective advertising and accurate measurement through Google services like Ads and Analytics. Without Consent Mode v2, you won’t be able to store recent user data in your Google Analytics 4 audience lists or share it with Google Ads.

Key improvements:

  • Granular User Consent: Users now possess granular control over the data they share with websites and advertisers, fostering a more empowered online experience.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Website owners benefit from increased flexibility in data collection methods, allowing them to adapt to individual user preferences while still gathering valuable insights.
  • Navigating Privacy Regulations: Consent Mode v2 aligns with evolving privacy regulations, such as the GDPR, simplifying compliance for website owners and offering enhanced protection for users.

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Respecting Users, Gaining Insights: Two Implementation Paths

Consent Mode v2 offers two flexible implementation options:

1. Basic Consent Mode v2:

This approach ensures compliance by only collecting data from users who agree to cookies. While legal, it might limit your access to data for informed decision-making. However, it’s essential for Google Ads conversion tracking, keeping your data accurate and compliant. If someone says no to cookies, your site respects their choice by not collecting their data, keeping you compliant with rules like the DMA. Still, this means you won’t benefit from their visit unless they willingly provide information through a form.

Basic Consent Mode V2 is crucial for Google Ads conversion tracking, ensuring that conversion tracking data only originates from users who consent to cookies. Failure to implement at least Consent V2 basic will result in the loss of all tracking data from March 6 onwards.


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Explanation of the Basic version of Consent Mode v2

2. Advanced Consent Mode v2:

This mode offers more flexibility. Your tags deploy even if users initially reject cookies, but no personal data is collected until they interact with the consent banner. This allows you to gather valuable anonymous data while respecting user privacy.

Advanced Consent Mode V2 is indispensable for Google Ads conversion tracking, enabling the collection of vital conversion data even without initial consent to cookies. While this data cannot be used for modelling until consent is granted, it offers valuable insights into ad campaign performance.

 Explanation of the Advanced version of Consent Mode v2

Building Trust, Building Success: A Virtuous Cycle

Ignoring Consent Mode v2 could leave you stuck in outdated practices. Your ads might miss the mark, leading to wasted budgets and inaccurate data. In a competitive landscape, every penny counts, and ineffective ads translate to lost revenue.

Overlooking these aspects could significantly hinder your webshop’s performance and growth:

  • Data Blind Spots: Inaccurate conversion tracking obscures the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. Optimising strategies and maximising return on investment become challenging, potentially leading to misallocated resources.
  • Reengagement Hurdles: Inactive audience segments hinder effective remarketing efforts, limiting your ability to cultivate customer relationships and foster repeat purchases. This can lead to suboptimal sales opportunities.
  • Compliance Imperatives: Failing to align with evolving regulations carries inherent legal and reputational risks. Embracing updates mitigates such vulnerabilities, fortifying brand integrity and inspiring customer trust.
  • Targeting Inefficiencies: Imprecise targeting in Google Ads delivers diminished engagement and potentially escalated advertising costs. You risk reaching an irrelevant audience, eroding the advertising budget with limited return.

Consent Mode v2 is more than just a compliance tool; it’s a gateway to a responsible digital future. By empowering users with clear consent banners, adapting your data collection practices, and ensuring compliance, you build trust and foster responsible online practices. This paves the way for a more secure and thriving digital ecosystem, where all stakeholders benefit.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity: Be an Early Adopter

In conclusion, Google Consent Mode v2 marks a positive step towards a more balanced digital ecosystem where user privacy and website functionality coexist harmoniously. For businesses targeting audiences in the European Economic Area (EEA), Google Consent Mode v2 presents a vital opportunity, not a burden. Come March 2024, its absence means no data capture from new EEA users on platforms like Google Ads and GA4. While adapting may seem complex, proactive implementation paves the way for success in the privacy-centric future.

Embrace Google Consent Mode v2 and position your business to thrive in the privacy-first era. Start your journey today!

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Written by:  Evelin-Valéria Székely 

About me: With years of experience in the dynamic field of marketing, I specialise in leveraging Google Ads to seamlessly fuse creativity with data-driven insights, ultimately propelling brands to new heights. As a devoted Google Ads specialist, ensuring precise tracking is a non-negotiable priority for me. Staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of successful advertising demands continuous learning and adaptation to cutting-edge innovations, like the game-changing feature detailed in this blog. My commitment to staying informed about emerging technologies and features underscores my dedication to delivering optimal results for our clients.

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