Password Recovery

Have you forgotten your administrator password?
Are you experiencing trouble logging into the Back Office?

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How this benefits your business

How this benefits your business

Conditions and Terms of Use for Password Recovery
Back Office password recovery is included. Monday through Friday, support is accessible. English, German, French, Spanish, and Romanian are all supported languages.

Requirements for recovering passwords in the back office
The website owner's identification document (the owner's name must match the domain registration - whois services can confirm this). FTP and database access are both available.

FTP password recovery and database password recovery are not included in the recovery service. Configuration of the module and the payment method. For reasons other than password recovery, technical assistance or consulting is available.

You might want to know

You might want to know

What if I don't use up all of my hours within 30 days?

Your unused balance will not expire, so don’t be concerned. If there are any remaining hours at the end of the month, they will be included in the budget for the next month.

What exactly are the support hours for?

These support hours can be used for a variety of services, including everything from tech support to development to marketing and business consultancy.

Can I track what task the hours were spent on?

We provide the best possible transparency. You will be able to monitor exactly how many minutes were spent on a certain task using our project management platform: Monday.

See what our customers have to say

See what our customers have to say


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