Facebook Retargeting Campaign Setup & Feed

Promote your products & your brand with our tried-and-true methods to attract more visitors to your site

With Facebook Dynamic Ad Retargeting, your efforts are fueled by your real-time product feed. Your ads will only reflect the products you currently have listed as in stock and available for purchase on your website.

Perhaps more importantly, this dynamic ad retargeting streamlines the process of promoting the most relevant products to each customer who views your ad (based on Facebook’s collected user data), thereby improving conversion rates and sales over the course of your campaign.

Facebook ads offer an excellent way to build brand awareness among the general population of internet users. They’re also a great tool for building anticipation about a coming product, line, or page, and they help attract legions more visitors than organic search traffic alone.

How it Works (and What You’re Missing Out On)

How it Works (and What You’re Missing Out On)

Facebook Ad campaigns are proven to significantly contribute to sales and net profits.
Every day, Facebook users who’ve been influenced by advertisements make online purchases.

Most internet users also have a Facebook account, meaning exposure to a massive demographic for your business.

For example, you are an online retailer who sells shoes. One Facebook user sees one of your ads, and they like the shoes so much that they click your ad and access the site—but before they complete a purchase, they’re pulled away by outside forces like work or school. In the evening, when they get home, they may no longer remember which sites they visited or the shoes they were looking to buy—but they’ll likely open Facebook to check the news and what’s happening in their social circle. This is where the magic happens.

On Facebook, they’ll see ads for the exact pair of shoes they were interested in earlier on that day, which will likely end with them returning to your site and finishing the purchase. Now, imagine that this happens 10 to 20 times per day—that’s a lot of opportunity for profit where you wouldn’t have even had exposure if not for Facebook ads.

Don’t wait on this one: Facebook campaigns bring a huge audience to your site

Curious about what we do to set up your Facebook retargeting campaign?

Curious about what we do to set up your Facebook retargeting campaign?

Once we’ve created your business account, you’ll have full access to all of Facebook’s business tools, including the Ads Manager interface, which controls all of the details of your promotional campaign.

Ads Manager is a tool that gives you as the business owner the opportunity to create, edit, and monitor your ad campaigns on Facebook. The Ads Manager contains various tools to help you edit the elements in your campaigns from start to finish.

Creating Audiences is another tool that helps you create custom audiences similar to those who visit your site, allowing you to narrow by various demographics to fine-tune your reach and ensure that your ads are targeting the right audience.

Audience Insights gives you exactly the targeting data you need for a successful campaign. Business 101 tells us that if you know your target audience, you’ve got infinitely better chances of success. This tool gives you all of the details about your target audience, helping you better understand the people you’re advertising to and, in turn, provide better content for that target demographic.

Business Account
To get you set up with advertising through Facebook, you’ll need a business account. If you don’t have one already, we’ll create one for you.
Abandoned Carts (0 - 30 Days)
We’ll set up your campaign so that visitors receive a reminder about abandoned carts on your site for up to 30 days, ensuring that both you and the customer get what they want out of the arrangement.
Facebook Feed
This feed guarantees that your products show up on Facebook and that prospective customers are able to see them.
Facebook Pixel
We’ll add Facebook Pixel to your list of tools to help you keep track of your campaign. This will provide you with invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your campaign, measuring how your ads are reaching viewers and how they interact with your campaign.
Product Catalog
We’ll create a product catalogue for you with all of the products you’d like to display on your Facebook page. You get to choose which products you’d like to appear.
Abandoned Carts (30 - 90 Days)
Your campaign will have a setting which allows you to send reminders to customers about their abandoned carts after 30 to 90 days.
Campaign Setup
We’ll set up your campaign for you so your products get put in front of potential customers quickly.
Facebook Retargeting
We’ll handle the setting up of your Facebook retargeting to increase your sales.

Facebook Pixel Tracking Module

Facebook Pixel Tracking Module

This module isn’t included in the price, but you can purchase it from Prestashop Addons.

In lieu of the default Facebook Pixel, our Facebook Pixel Tracking Module integrates all nine custom events to allow smoother tracking of expenses and income generated on social media. It also allows you to create remarketing lists, giving you the opportunity to reconnect with past visitors who have accessed your site.

Of course, if you already have another module of this kind, we’ll work with what you have.

Once added, our module will increase your chances of success with Facebook Ads. Without it, you’ll be unable to track conversions on Facebook.

When used correctly, our Pixel module produces excellent, visible results and can optimise promotional campaigns to increase your conversion rates.

Booming sales, new customers, and a wider reach are just a click away.

When we start a campaign, you’ll first have to set your expectations: brand awareness, clicks, website conversions, product sales, etc.

When we start a campaign, you’ll first have to set your expectations: brand awareness, clicks, website conversions, product sales, etc.

Website Conversions

Website conversions are one of the most crucial and effective goals among Facebook’s offerings to those who want to advertise. This requires Facebook Pixel. The goal of conversions, as will all things marketing-related, is to increase sales. This option is perfect for when you’d like visitors who arrive on your site to perform a particular action.

Post Engagement

With post engagement ads, Facebook will display your ads to users who are more likely to like, share, or interact with your post. Post engagement is an excellent option when you’d like to promote a specific post, but bear in mind that if your end goal is to drive more visitors to your site, clicks or conversions are better options

Brand Awareness

This is the option by which Facebook shows your ads to more people while optimising your budget. It’s worth utilising brand awareness tactics when you want to increase the visibility and reputation of your business among the general user population.


Facebook provides a platform for you to display products, which users can click. They’ll then be taken to the product page on your site, increasing clicks and profits in the long term. This is a stellar option if you’re looking for a general increase of sales.

Lead Generation

This goal boosts the number of prospective customers directly from Facebook. Lead Ads are available on both mobile and desktop and appear exactly like conversion or click ads, but they give the additional opportunity to have customers leave their name, email, or phone number. You can customise your contact form to better suit the needs of your business.

Website Clicks

With website clicks, your marketing campaign will be optimised to display your ad to more people who are the most likely to click on your ad and access your site. The premise behind this is simple: the more visitors on your site, the more opportunities for sales.

Event Responses

Facebook provides an excellent platform for you to promote your event and to attract more guests.

Offer Claims

This gives you the chance to develop unique posts to deliver your offers to customers on a silver platter. With this option, you can promote your offers and increase the number of people who receive them.

Ad Set